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Academic Journals in Jewish Studies in the Post-Soviet Space: the 30 years’ experience

Euro-Asian Jewish (EAJ) Policy Papers, No 38 (23 July 2020) For 30 years there have been academic journals of Jewish studies in the post-Soviet states. Moreover, some of them are
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Jewish ethnic autonomy: the case of contemporary Moldova

Euro-Asian Jewish (EAJ) Policy Papers, No 21 (May 2019) In the 1990s–2000s, Moldova granted its Jews national-cultural autonomy. It happened as a result of the civil war in Moldavia in
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Jews of Belarus’ – a Current Picture

Euro-Asian Jewish (EAJ) Policy Papers, No 4 (Dec 10, 2018) The Jewish community in Belarus is scarce and consists of less than 13,000 individuals; however, the number of persons that
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