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Israel as the Culture Focus of the Euro-Asian and Other Jewish Diaspora: Whether that Happened?

Eurasian Jewish (EAJ) Policy Papers, No 43 (10 May 2021) According to the numerous studies, many if not the majority of the Russian-speaking and other Diaspora Jews see Israel as
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Israel and the Soviet Jewry: 70 Years After the Completion of Golda Meir’s Mission to Moscow

EAJ Policy Papers, No 15 (March 17, 2019) A remarkable date of March 2019 was the 70-s anniversary of the completion of brief but very intensive mission of Golda Meir
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Russian Jewish Immigrants as the Catalyst of New Jewish Pluralism in Re-Unified Germany

Euro-Asian Jewish Policy papers No 15 (March 11, 2019) — Фото: Russian Jews have immigrated to re-unified Germany in surprisingly huge numbers since the early 1990ies. Their arrival made
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