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Research of the Old Jewish Cemeteries in the FSU: What and Why Needs to be done


EAJ Policy papers, No 23 (30 June 2019)

Old Jewish cemeteries are one of the most important material and cultural monuments of various Jewish sub-ethnic groups in the former Pale of Jewish Settlement of the Russian Empire. Unfortunately, many of these monuments by now are destroyed. In fact, the documentation and conservation of still-existing epitaphs and visual materials remain the only way to preserve them for the net generations. Works of this kind were started more than 30 years ago, but most of them have not been completed by now yet. Only recently, several comprehensive research projects were developed (in particular, with the support of the EAJC). They provided researchers with unique data, that helps to clarify many questions of Jewish culture, history, sociology, genealogy, literature, will finally be executed. All that makes continuation of this work more than important.

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