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Virtualization of the Jewish Communal activities: The Sociological Aspects


EAJ Policy Papers, No 32 (7 April 2020) / Photo: Hillel Case

Virtual projects had always been an important part of religious, educational, socializing and other activities of Jewish organizations, however until recently their role was mostly supportive to the frontal events. A new situation dictated by the coronavirus and quarantine in many countries of the world may become a trigger to upgrade the virtual network initiatives. Sociological research shows that many of the Euro-Asian Jewish communities act as network entities, due to the transnational character of the Russian Jewish Diaspora. More than that, a new virtual model of events may bring to communal activities some of the previously unaffiliated categories of the Jewish population.

For the full version of this article in Russian please follow the link.

Prof. Zeev Khanin
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