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Antisemitism in Russia and Ukraine: Reports and Debates


EAJ Policy papers, No 14 (February 24, 2019)

A new round of antisemitism in 2018 monitoring reports, prepared by Israeli, Russian and Ukrainian organizations were published at the end of the last and at the beginning  of this year. As in the past, conclusions of these reports stimulated a vibrant debate in political and media circles, as well as between the leadership of competing FSU Jewish organizations. The major disagreements were dealing with the question which of the events of physical and verbal violence meets acceptable definitions of antisemitism. The meeting point of partisans of all the version was that antisemitism in the FSU is not limited to vandalism and physical violence and should also be seen as Israeli and FSU observers argue together with other forms of hate crimes against Jews, including antisemitic incitement, xenophobic provocation, defamation, Holocaust denial, and antisemitism that emerges from anti-Zionism. This consensus opens a way for productive dialog between Israeli, international and FSU Jewish organizations, enabling them to leave specific interests and political disagreements beyond the professional discussion.

For the full version of this article in Russian please follow the link.

Prof. Zeev Khanin
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