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Myths of the “Fifth Column” and the Dual Loyalty Issue: Jews of Euro-Asia vis-à-vis the State of Israel


EAJ Policy papers No 18 (March 27, 2019)

A dual loyalty that often implies to Jews means that they stand on Israel regardless of their country of residence. On the other hand, the principle of Talmud, known as “The law of the state is obligatory for the Jews” (Dina de-Malkhuta dina), is often seen as a requirement for a Jew to have the loyalty to the state where he lives. Identity of many of the USSR  Jews in the post- World War II era hat combined patriotism  to the country of residence and support of Israel was seen as a challenge for the Soviet authorities and often as a reason for repressions. Today this phenomenon has a different essence; many of the post-Soviet states accept the “poly-loyalty” idea, a  possibility of double-citizenship with Israel and  development of cultural, scientific, business and other relations between the two countries.

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Dr. Haim Ben Yakov
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